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Environmental Services

Since 1988, Cameron-Cole staff has provided environmental management services to a diverse clientele of petrochemical, oil and gas, manufacturing, waste management, property development, railroad, and construction industry leaders. Our team of environmental professionals is focused on solving the dynamic array of investigative, compliance, and remedial challenges facing industry today, and into the future.

The scope of Cameron-Cole’s expertise goes beyond that of which most environmental services providers can offer. Our staff includes management professionals who have the hands-on experience necessary to evaluate environmental issues from the clients’ perspective. Cameron-Cole has two goals for its industrial services – to reduce our clients’ compliance burden and to reduce associated costs. Our experience has been gained at facilities across the country that have compliance requirements ranging from simplistic to the more complex.

Featured Services

We successfully enable large and small industrial firms to outsource the technically demanding requirements of voluntary and compliance-driven programs to our dedicated team of hand-picked experts.

Engineering RemediationEngineering, Remediation, and Closure

Hydrocarbon recovery, groundwater treatment, waste fixation, stabilization and thermal treatment processes, in situ chemical oxidation, soil vapor extraction and bioremediation systems

Regulatory Compliance

Recordkeeping and reporting assistance, permitting, planning and preparedness and CWA compliance


Assistance for the design, construction, and operation of RCRA Subtitle C and D landfills and disposal cells, waste facility site selection and evaluation, landfill construction and closure design, regulatory compliance services, third-party environmental compliance audits, due diligence investigations, practical operations assistance, remedial design and implementation, solid and hazardous waste management, air and water permitting and monitoring, and leachate management and treatment services


Groundwater characterization, remediation, and monitoring services including field evaluation of specific remediation technologies, groundwater flow and solute transport modeling, abatement systems, application of statistical methods and statistical analyses to detection monitoring data, monitored natural attenuation demonstrations, forensic environmental analysis, remediation system design including in situ technologies and remediation system effectiveness evaluation

Site Closure

Data management, streamlined compliance reporting, expedited site/unit closures, and waste management services, including using advanced techniques that support appropriate/realistic cleanup levels, provide pragmatic site assessment, remediation and expedited regulatory closure, use statistical techniques to minimize the volume of soil requiring remediation, focus on groundwater monitoring requirements and retiring of remediation systems, and manage environmental data and compliance reporting

Targeted Microbial ApplicationsTargeted Microbial Applications

Cameron-Cole is a solution provider for the design and application of proprietary Targeted Microbial Applications, which target specific contaminants and transform them into harmless compounds. TMA has been used successfully since the early 1990s on over 100 projects in a variety of wastewater, groundwater, soil cleanup and treatment applications.

Waste Management Consulting

Technical support in the siting, permitting, design, construction, and operation of landfill facilities and waste storage and transfer facilities across North America, including waste facility site selection and evaluation, permitting, regulatory compliance, including RCRA, TSCA, CWA and CAA requirements, pollution prevention management and recycling/reuse, solid and hazardous waste management, third-party environmental compliance audits and due diligence investigations

Wastewater Management
Waste Management Consulting

Cameron-Cole's experienced engineers have successfully designed, installed, and optimized numerous wastewater treatment systems for a variety of industrial applications. We have worked with pretreatment coordinators and other POTW personnel to negotiate discharge limits, and are also trained in preparing and negotiating NPDES permitting

Recent News

In addition to Cameron-Cole’s comprehensive remediation services, our staff also design and implement Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems from conception through O & M. SCADA systems, including Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), offer the next level of control and monitoring to optimize the effectiveness of an active remedial strategy.

Cameron-Cole’s project experience includes new and existing remediation systems for stand-alone and multiple systems, as well as replacing older, full-blown SCADA systems with a stand-alone touch screen OIT.

Fresh Solutions

Cameron-Cole is committed to helping clients achieve the highest level of sustainability in their engineering designs by evaluation of a wide array of energy saving measures, material components, and alternative and innovative technologies.

We focus upon considerations including carbon footprint, water footprint and automated operation that reduce costly technical labor to service and operate systems. Cameron-Cole has partnered with leading technology developers and research universities, notably the Louisiana State University School of the Coast and Environment, Department of Environmental Sciences to accelerate bringing cutting-edge sustainable technologies to address client challenges, such as our Targeted Microbial Applications program.