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Carbon Management Services

Sustainability and Carbon Management Services Real Estate Property Support Environmental Services

Our success requires addressing client goals environmental realities, and stakeholder expectations.

Carbon Management — Strategy and systems, footprint measurement, inventory design and development, reduction strategies, reporting and disclosure, GHG third-party verification.*

Sustainable Structures Program — A customized evaluation that provides a clear overview of the building’s components, energy and water usage, a comparison of results to those of similar buildings within the region and to industry standards, and an evaluation of current performance that includes an option list of building improvements to achieve the greatest potential in both cost savings and reductions in natural resources.

Waste Diversion — Comprehensive waste management programs aimed at diverting waste from landfill to recycling and reuse, and achieving zero waste to landfill, including negotiating and contracting directly with waste and recycling companies, coordination of multiple vendors, managing billing and recycling credits, routine audits of collection areas and implementation of corrective actions, process/procedure analysis focused on waste reduction, upstream and downstream waste characterization, identification, design and implementation of waste reduction programs, employee behavioral/education training and promotional campaigns and monthly/annual reporting of waste reduction and cost saving accomplishments.

Water Asset Management — Stormwater and wastewater management, water footprints, water reduction/efficiency strategies for both interior and exterior usage.

Addressing the broad challenge of developing and integrating a successful sustainability program requires expertise from numerous specialty areas.


Established over a decade ago, today Cameron-Cole’s Sustainability Services practice is a recognized leader in this field. Cameron-Cole’s insights into reliable sustainable performance improvements are derived from our decades of experience successfully addressing the most complex environmental challenges faced by industry.  This enables Cameron-Cole to provide recommendations that go beyond mere tips and obvious initial steps and to seek substantial performance improvements based on in-depth understanding of the processes involved.

Cameron-Cole provides a unique holistic approach to help clients attain their sustainability goals. For example, our Sustainable Structures program leads building owners through the complex maze of environmental concerns and sustainability opportunities available in understanding their own building operations and remodeling of their buildings. Our Carbon Management services provide the road map to help our clients achieve their mission goals and targets.  

At Cameron-Cole, we specialize in helping our clients capitalize on new market opportunities to meet their near-term objectives while considering the long term impacts of their activities and decisions.

Efficient and responsible management of resources are among the most complex issues our clients must address. Our innovation makes it happen.



Cameron-Cole’s team brings proven expertise to each client assignment.  These experts include policy analysts, social accountants, energy use specialists, architects and LEED® experts, product certification experts, sustainability data managers, and partners outside of the U.S. to extend our reach and assist in market-specific knowledge and experience.

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*For more information regarding Sustainability and Carbon Management Services, please contact Chris Lawless at 510.777.1858 or