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Jerome C. Edwards, CPG

President, Co-founder of Cameron-Cole

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Service Sector Leaders

Cameron-Cole was established in 2001 as an independent environmental services firm. Its staff has provided services to a diverse clientele in the transportation, consumer products, construction materials, financial services, Internet services, manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, and waste management industries, as well as government and other public sectors.

Cameron-Cole is committed to conducting its business responsibilities consistent with the highest levels of performance expected by its clients, its employees and its shareholders.  Our chosen field of services includes the most difficult issues that challenge society today. These challenges require solutions that will stand the test of time. Our solutions must recognize the social, economic and environmental implications and balance among these. Recognizing these challenges, we are committed to deliver services and solutions that are the product of the best collaboration of all appropriate resources and expertise of the firm.

Cameron-Cole’s role for its clients includes functioning either as a partner and advocate of the client’s interests within environmentally-sound practices, or at times, as an impartial verifier of client practices. We are fully committed to impartiality in the provision of all of our services. Notably, where we are rendering judgment in greenhouse gas third-party verifications, impartiality is paramount to the trustworthiness of information stakeholders need for decision-making. We recognize the importance of impartiality to our company’s reputation, and the value we bring to our clients.*

We praise and reward commitment, creativity and dedication; we cannot tolerate actions that do not respect the professional integrity of our fields, the personal integrity and safety of our employees or the trust of our clients and shareholders and the assets that they have provided to us. We will adopt policies and behaviors that reflect these values.

We work with clients, employees and shareholders who are committed to becoming a part of this exciting and inspiring process.

Timothy Hobbs

Chief Operations Officer, Co-founder of Cameron-Cole

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John Bondurant

Executive Vice President

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Larry Johnson

Director, Waste Management Services

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Chris Lawless

Director, Greenhouse Gas Management Services

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Samuel A. Marquis, Jr., P.G.

Vice-President, Hydrogeologist

*For a better understanding of the importance of impartiality in Cameron-Cole’s verification activities, how we manage conflict of interest, and how we ensure the objectivity of these activities, please click here. For information regarding Cameron-Cole’s Verification Management System, including how to request a copy of Cameron-Cole’s procedures for complaints and appeals, please contact Chris Lawless at 510.777.1858 or

John R. Freeman, AIA, NCARB, LEED® AP

Principal Architect

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